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Scooter Rental Surry Hills

Seamless Scooter Hire Services

Premium Scooter & Bike Rentals In Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a tapestry of vibrant streets, historic architecture, bustling cafes, and artistic hubs. Amidst the urban heartbeat of this dynamic suburb, what better way to navigate its every nook and cranny than on two wheels? Check out Syd Car King’s exquisite range of motorbike rentals and scooter hires, tailor-made for your Surry Hills trips or work-related travel.

Unleashing Freedom on Two Wheels

Navigating Surry Hills requires a mode of transport that’s as agile and lively as the suburb itself. Whether it’s zipping through narrow lanes, parking in tight spots, or experiencing the wind against your face as you cruise down Crown Street, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of a motorbike hire or scooter rental.

Syd Car King's Impressive Range of Bikes

2023 HONDA PCX125

A new, larger engine, a new frame, Honda's Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) for consistent rear-wheel grip and wrapped it all up in some tasty innovative styling. And now the engine features a four-valve design, also making it cleaner and more economical.
Package Includes:

Honda DIO 110

Perfect for food delivery services. Uber Eats, EASI, Hungry Panda, Deliveroo, Menulog etc.
Local as well as overseas license holders are welcome (suitable for international students).
Package Includes:


Brand NEW! L plate approved. Sporty performance and outstanding economy. Dual ABS system. Ideal scooter for your daily commute to work, trips to the shops or days out to the beach.
Local as well as overseas license holders are welcome (suitable for international students).
Package Includes:
* Minimum 3 month rental. $500 bond(refundable).

Our extensive fleet is more than just a range of vehicles; it’s a curated collection designed to enhance your riding experience.

  • Scooter Hire: Perfect for short, quick trips around Surry Hills. Our scooters for hire combine style with functionality, ensuring a breezy ride.
  • Motorbike Hire: For those who crave the thrill of speed and the roar of an engine, our rental motorbikes are the perfect companions for longer rides and highway adventures. 

Electric Bikes On Offer

Apart from the traditional petrol-powered bikes and scooters, Syd Car King also has a range of electric bike hire options too. These rides not only reduce emissions but also provide a quiet, seamless way to explore Surry Hills, ensuring you leave minimal environmental impact during your escapades.

Easy Bike Rental Booking Process

Renting a scooter and a bike from us is very simple. All you have to do is keep important documents like your driver’s licence, and passport ready with you. If you do not have an NSW or an international licence, you need to first transfer your current one to an NSW licence. 

Once all the important documents are ready, you can fill out our Rent A scooter form online and place a rental request. The other option is to visit our showroom and submit your documents before taking your preferred bike for hire home.

Keeping Your Scooters In The Best Condition Possible

Because of regular use, motorcycles, scooters and electric bikes tend to wear out. There might be instances where you need to change the engine oils, charging batteries, tyres, and check the brakes too. With our network of service stations spread across multiple locations, we ensure that your vehicles are kept in the best condition possible.

We also Provide Free Bike Delivery

 If visiting our showroom and picking up your motorbike is not a convenient option for you, then you need not worry as we also provide free delivery of your bikes to your home. But for that to happen you must rent them for a minimum period of three to six months. 

From Novice to Pro - A Bike for Every Rider

Whether you’re a beginner dipping your toes into the world of riding or a seasoned pro, our motorbike rental and scooter hire options cater to all skill levels. With a focus on safety and performance, every vehicle in our fleet promises an unparalleled riding experience.

Book Your Scooter Rental Today!

Made up the decision to hire a scooter? Then book your vehicle today. If you have any other queries, you can get in touch with our staff at our hotline number (02) 4086 5888.   

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